Seminar für irischen Stockkampf am 12.03.22

Die Dog Brothers München veranstalten zusammen mit Fechtboden Zimmermann ( ein Seminar in für Irischen Stockkampf (Antrim Bata). Das ganze wird am 12. März zwischen 14:00 bis 18:00 bei uns in der Halle stattfinden.
Wenn die Auflagen so bleiben, gilt 2G+ mit max 20 Teilnehmern. Der Preis liegt für Vereinsmitglieder bei 40€ (sonst 50€). Zur Anmeldung etc bitte eine E-Mail an .

Hier noch der Text des Dozenten:
Antrim Bata („Antrim Stick fighting“) is a martial art native to the county of Antrim in Ireland, first recorded in the 19th century. Developed in the context of „Faction Fighting“, it empathizes the use of strikes with a 4 feet cudgel called a “Shillelagh”. Originally kept alive by the Ramsey family, it was taught to Maxime Chouinard in 2007 who later undertook the project to share it Worldwide. Being a complete method of fighting, it is not only comprised of blows with the stick but also thrusts, punches, kicks and throws.
The Instructor :
My name is Romain Meister and I’ve been practicing Martial Arts in Switzerland (next to our mesmerizing “Lac Léman”) for close to six years now. Introduced at first to Longsword at my local university fencing club, I decided a few years later to branch out to atypical 18th and 19th century system such as Antrim Bata (under the guidance of Maxime Chouinard), or more recently German Covered Cut & Thrust Fencing (under Tobias Zimmermann in München). On top of fencing, I’ve been trying out different unarmed competitive Martial Arts such as Muay Thai, BJJ & Sambo in which I recently found a love for stand-up grappling.